SAF to Recruit More Women

SAF to Recruit More Women 1

The Straits Times reported yesterday that Singapore’s army aims to recruit more women. It was a blatant advertisement for SAF alright, except for the last sentence which seemed to put to rest any dispute regarding the role of women in the army.

SAF to Recruit More Women 2

But Col Gan, the only female colonel in active service now, said: “We are not about to put a woman in a job or promote her for the sake of doing so or to make a statement. It is about who is the best man for the job.”

Was it a cute Freudian slip, or was she simply unaware of gender bias in language? In any case, this is another winner for the image of the SAF.

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Kena Sai Indian Muslim Food

KNS Indian Muslim Food

The shop is at Stirling Road hawker centre. I have not tried it, but I generally like Indian Rojak and Ngo Hiang type dishes. Doesn’t look too KNS.

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Print Less, Save More.

Lexmark Notebook Print Less Save More

Furthermore, Lexmark makes printers. How on earth is printing less in their interest?

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Jesus is Alive

Jesus is Alive

That’s how you make tipping fun.

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Sports require brains as much as they require physical ability. Except, perhaps, when you play rugby.


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Dangerous Flowers are Dangerous

dangerous flowers

It’s like how some humorous people will go “sio, sio!” so that you will avoid them, although they are carrying nothing hot.

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Fortune Machine

Fortune Machine

I can understand if you pay a fortune teller. But this is simply a machine that generates a random lot when you press a button.

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